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Community Approach

This community approach to protecting children is supported and encouraged by the state of Iowa, with assistance from the federal government.

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children in Black Hawk County began in 2001.  All 99 Iowa counties now have CPPC initiatives.

Each county is able to form it's CPPC to work best for people in their county.

Four Strategies 

1. The Family: A Family Team Meeting (FTM) pulls together a family needing help, neighbors, local service providers and others to create an action plan that supports the family and ensures the child's safety.  These plans identify steps the parents, friends, extended families, and other formal and informal groups can carry out.  Individuals from CPPC's target neighborhoods and past FTM participants often guide these meetings, creating a comfort level for families new to the experience.

2. The Community: The stronger and broader community participation in keeping children safe and families together, the greater CPPC's impact.  CPPC needs all parts of the community - schools, faith groups, mental health professionals and health care providers, substance abuse and domestic violence programs, child care providers, parent groups, neighborhood residents, and others - to participate.

3. Shared Decision-Making: To sustain this approach over time and enhance its ability to meet local needs, CPPC relies on shared decision-making and includes citizens in the process of leading the initiative.

4. Policy and Practice Changes: CPPC seeks to enhance or change existing policies and practices or develop new ones to more effectively keep children safe and families together. 


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